Masanori Kawaguchi

Tokyo, Japan

Product Manager, Growth hacker

- Customer-centered and product-oriented product manager solving customers' problems and pains with seamless, intuitive, stress-free UI/UX. - Design-thinking player following lean startup and lean customer development. - Self-starter, team-building and leading, process-oriented, and committed profess

株式会社FLUX1 year

Product manager


• Responsible for releasing MVP identifying minimum features to validate possible solutions to possible user problems and pains. • Managed product backlog, product specification, UI/UX design, and product quality.

About Rakuten

Rakuten5 months

PDM (Product management) team


EC Market Place Department PDM(Product Management) R-Storefront team

Sencoinex1 year

Project facilitator & Growth hacker


• Built the customer journey and persona to analyze customer behavior. • Organized and operated an idealist to correct any ideas cross-functionally, score all the ideas, discuss to prioritize to meet the market needs and development resources.


Project Facilitator


From scratch to 50-member team, I build and organize the full team of engineering, testing, design, sales, marketing, and customer support, and

About Mango Byte Technology Co., Ltd.

Mango Byte Technology Co., Ltd.3 years

Co-Chairman & COO


• Managed projects translating and investigating specifications and product designs, schedule and timeline, project budget, goal, performance, quality and productivity. • Managed all the resources, built a recruitment plan, interviewed and recruited the right members.

About Nanita Tech Co., Ltd.

Nanita Tech Co., Ltd.5 months

Japanese Business Development


Conducting team building and management in the Japanese project team. In charge of managing projects translating and investigating specifications and product designs, managing and controlling the development schedule, and managing the project budget, goal, performance, quality and productivity.

TryWingle2 years

Freelancer / Sales Agent


Business to business freelance sales for Recruiting agency, Business magazine, Discount coupon magazine, and so on. Conducted mainly walk-in sales and tele-sales directly to the potential clients. With some kinds of service and products to provide and wide range of clients, I have developed the potential clients long list and the network.

Market Maker International1 year

Investor Relations Account Manager


British tele-sales and tele-marketing agency. International sales specialists from UK, France, Japan, and Cambodia in Phnom Penh office. Tele-sales and tele-marketing for properties and insurance products and services.

A-LEADS IT Cambodia Co.,Ltd.1 year

Sales & Recruiting Manager


Overall responsibility for recruitment business for recruitment and replacement of engineers and programmers focus on IT field and management positions in any other industries for Japanese, Cambodian, and any other foreign companies.

GE Capital6 years

Sales Executive


GE capital is one of the biggest leasing companies in Japan which has more than 1,500 employees. I had worked as a sales representative for promoting the leasing service, underwriting, and providing other additional services.

Fukuoka University


Ashton College

Business Administration

Inlingua Vancouver

General English


  • Management

  • Leadership

  • Team building

  • Presentation

  • Schedule management

  • Growth Hack, Customer Development, Customer Success and 5 skills


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