Passionate Communicator

- Excels in multilingual and intercultural communication; Japanese, English, and Mandarin - Experienced communicator in various situations; Intercultural communication, customer service and organizational team

  • Tokyo Rainbow Pride Volunteer

    Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018 was held in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, during the first week of May, aiming to raise an awareness of LGBT+ rights and spread the meaning of "love and equality" through events, sponsored booth, charity concerts, and parades. - Prepared for the event through safety guidances and preliminary inspection of the parade route - Obtained proper understanding of human rights, LGBT+ community, and its allies - Guided the parade through streets and maintained the safety during the march - Helped foreign guests and parade participants using English and Chinese - Actively engaged with guests, LGBT+ community, and fellow volunteers - Constructed and operated the parade booth and organized the leaflets

  • Cambodian Youth Action Volunteer

    I engaged in 2 weeks community volunteer at Cambodian Youth Action (CYA) located in a rural village of Cambodia. CYA is a non-governmental organization and registered legally in Ministry of Interior of Royal Government of Cambodia. CYA is a volunteer-based organization where all of our staff are working voluntarily toward our vision and mission. - Worked as an English Teaching Assistant in a school ran by volunteers - Constructed and repaired the school facility - Gained a knowledge of Khmer culture through a two-week camp in a rural village - Gained strong bonds with international fellow volunteers through camping together - Actively engaged with local children, families and Cambodian university students

  • Tokyo 2020 Volunteer

    - Entering data and displaying event results at competition venues.

Hosei University5 years

Bachelor's Degree - Liberal Arts


3.65 / 4.00 GPA Concentration: Psychology and Business Seminar: Self and Culture / Dr. Yu Niiya Key achievements:

  • Hosei Global Day Organizer

    - As a team, we organized over 15 booths and talk-sessions that introduce different international programs. - As presenters, we made an engaging presentation session that introduced Ship for World Youth Program

  • Language Partner & English Discussion Facilitator

    - Utilizing the open periods, students teach their L1 language to each other (Japanese-Mandarin). - Worked as a peer facilitator, running the English discussion for fellow English learners. - Cultivated creative thinking, logical thinking and critical thinking skill through exploring different topics with the peers

  • Research Assistant

    - Coded data of American (369 responses) and Japanese participants (406 responses) in each language - Discussed the reasons with two other researchers (American and Japanese)

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Content Creating Intern

Hanwa Co. Ltd.

Trading Intern

- As a team of a trading company, we developed a business plan for a client in an imaginary setting. - Gained hands-on experience in negotiation and client-first communications


Expert Networking Intern

- As a team, we analyzed the needs of clients in different scenarios and presented the professional candidate - Gained hands-on learning on the business model in the emerging expert network field

National Taiwan Normal University9 months



3.81 / 4.00 GPA Related coursework: Research Methods, Mandarin Language (Intermediate: B-2 Level) Key achievements:

  • International Companions for Learning Volunteer

    - 55 service hours of cultural exchange with students in local Taiwanese junior-high school. - Prepared Chinese-English bilingual educational materials with a local university student. - Reported education materials and student interactions weekly.


Tabimusha, Inc.

Participants | International Business Program

- As a team consisted of 4 students, we proposed a business plan of inside & outside promotion for a restaurant in Vietnam - Hands-on experience of the PDCA cycle, researching customer needs and providing solutions - Managed financial operation of the team as a treasurer

San Jose State University5 months



3.32 / 4.00 GPA Related coursework: Cognitive Science, Leadership & Innovation Key achievement: Received JASSO Study-Abroad Scholarship ($4,000)

  • Language and Cultural Exchange (LACE) Program

    Engaged in one-to-one English-Mandarin language and cultural exchange sessions with a fellow Chinese exchange student.

  • Poverty Alleviation Volunteer

    - Loaves & Fishes is an organization that fight against the hunger in the California Bay Area - We prepared the meal and served for those who needed in the city of San Jose

Starbucks Japan1 year

Sales Associate(Side)


- Assisted operation of co-workers for English/Chinese speaking customers - Actively engaged with customers to make the "Starbucks Experience" more enjoyable - Provided "Third Place" based on the company's value, maintaining a clean and safe environment

Japan-China Friendship Association

Japanese Delegate | 2018 Japan-China Friendship Students Visit

- Gained a mutual understanding and friendship by acknowledging global issues and unique problems of both countries through discussions at universities. - Practiced leadership by organizing and presenting cultural performances as a performance committee

Cabinet Office, Government of Japan9 months

Participant Youth | 30th Ship For World Youth Leaders Program 2018


- Supported the group as an Assistant Group Leader, attending a daily meeting with the administrators - Obtained a deeper understanding of Child's Rights through discussion on board and at two universities (the University of Colombo, Cochin University of Science and Techno


  • English - Professional
  • Japanese - Native
  • Mandarin - Conversational