I want to make products which help people to enjoy their jobs.

▼Short intrduction I love programming because it's like a puzzle! ​​I want to make products which help people to enjoy their jobs. ​​Now I’m most interested in Machine Learning.



▼What I want to do in the future My goal is to create a society where everyone can look forward to working every day, and I would like to be involved in the development and operation of web services for that purpose as much as possible as a freelancer.

DeNA Games Tokyoの会社情報

DeNA Games Tokyo4 years



▼Regular work For a social game(browser and mobile) with over 100,000 users, I was responsible for implementing new in-game-functions, operating regular in-game-events, and streamlining the work of other professionals(planners and designers). During the development and op

E2info, inc.1 year


▼Various outsourced projects - Job site built with Laravel - Android application for compatibility diagnosis - Crawling program for job sites

Online Consultant Co.,Ltd.1 year


▼In-house development service that uses location information I was mainly responsible for developing additional features for the iOS/Android app and modifying the server side of the APIs and the front side of the web application of the admin screen to go along with it, while also providing customer support on the side.

Soka University

Russian Studies Course

- Studied abroad in Mongolia for half a year - Did volunteer work of clinical trial in UK for a month. - Studied abroad in Russia for a year.


  • Russian - Conversational
  • English - Conversational
  • Japanese - Native