Language: Learning Japanese in Japan

Ways to learn Japanese while in Kyoto

HACARUS supports members who want to WORK IN JAPAN, WORK IN HACARUS. If you would like to know how you can live in Japan, please take a look at all provided support information! We share the information not only for future Hacarus applicants, but also for people who are interested in Japan! Would you like to learn Japanese?

Attending language school is one of the more popular options. In Kyoto, there are many language schools that offer different types of courses on learning Japanese. The course options range from basic to advanced level courses with varying time periods. The types of course are generally as follows:

  • Individual classes
  • Private classes
  • Practical Japanese (a curriculum based mainly on daily conversation, but also includes the JLPT)
  • Academic Japanese (a curriculum based on acing Japanese tests or interviews: JLPT, EJU, etc.)

Private Tutors

You can also find Japanese tutors who advertise their lessons online and charge at hourly rates. These teaching services may vary from conversational to business type lessons.

Mutual Exchange Conversation Partner

Some classes are conducted not based on receiving pay but based on one-on-one classes where both parties can benefit from teaching their partner their native language.

Taking Fee-based Classes

Many Japanese language schools are available in Kyoto for foreigners to learn Japanese. Some well-known organizations include:

Language Exchange Groups

Other means of learning a language can simply be from local communities and easily accessible online groups. Many groups frequently hold weekly language exchange events and have many regular participants. These groups may also hold “international” parties where further cultural exchange can take place.

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5 いいね!
5 いいね!