Home Hunting: Support for Relocation to Japan

Hacarus' home hunting system: Receiving support for your relocation to Japan

Hacarus supports those who want to WORK IN JAPAN, WORK IN HACARUS. If you would like to know how you can live in Japan, please see information on our home hunting support system below. We share the information not only for future Hacarus applicants, but also for people who have interest in living in Japan! Would you like to get to know Japanese culture?

If you’re thinking about staying in Japan, there’s probably a lot on your mind about what procedures you must go through to move here especially because moving can be tiresome. Moving overseas is a much more difficult task than moving in your own country, as you may find it difficult to understand the differences between your own customs and local customs here in Japan.

In Kyoto, there are many immigrants. Because of that, real estate agencies that are able to offer their services in English have increased. However, misunderstandings in communications are still likely to occur. In times like that, you can count on Hacarus members to come to your aid!

Here are some tips:

Japanese Real Estate Keywords

How would you ask a real estate agent the size of a room you are looking for?
A 1 bedroom or 3 bedroom apartment, etc. would be the way you would explain it in English.
But in Japan, the expressions for types of rooms differ.
1LDK, 2LDK, and 1R are some examples of these expressions.

The following is the list of abbreviations:

As written above, each alphabet stands for a word.

Renting in Kyoto

In comparison to Tokyo, Japan’s largest city, Kyoto’s rent is much cheaper. Combined with being cheaper, it also is a good environment for a peaceful and easygoing life.

Generally, people who live alone live in the following types of residence:
 ● One room
 ● 1K (1 Kitchen)
 ● 1LDK (1 Living room + Dining and Kitchen)

For reference, this is the approximate cost of leases in Kyoto.

※ Engineers in Japan (around the age of 30) earn about 5,500,000 yen annual income.

Transportation costs are also relatively cheap and many companies fully bear the fee for commuting from your residence to the office.

Japan’s Unique Custom for Leasing

In Japan, there are certain customs when renting an apartment.
Namely, systems that are known as 敷金 (security deposit), 礼金 (gratuity fee / key money), 更新料 (apartment's renewal fee).

The mediating company will provide the information on costs. Concerns dealing with the information above should be confirmed with the handling company and we are happy to help with the procedures and translating during this process!

Other Topics Covered for Hacarus Work in Japan Support Program

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