Former U-Tokyo Matsuo Lab UAE researcher discusses the future of AI

Previously, Abdul was working at petroleum Institute in UAE and Matsuo Lab in the University of Tokyo. Abdul is now working as a ML engineer at ExaWizards. His attitude towards his job is admirable. Today, we would like to hear from him about the possibility of deep learning and what he wants to realize at ExaWizards.

From the Petroleum Institute in UAE to the Matsuo Lab in Tokyo

Could you briefly tell us about your career?

After receiving a PhD in System Design Engineering at the University of Fukui, Japan, I joined a research project at the Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E in 2015. I conducted research in the classification of seismic reflection imaging by using complex-valued deep neural network.

Back in Japan, I worked as a R&D Engineer at Universal Robot Co., from 2016. My research target there was to improve the state-of-the-art spoof detection of human palm ID.

A year later, I started working as a Project Researcher at Matsuo Lab, the University of Tokyo. During my research career, I published articles in four international journals and presented my research in more than 14 international conferences. My diverse research includes areas such as real-time image processing and recognition, subsumption robotic deep controllers, interactive vision system, 3D object recognition, complex-valued neural networks, deep reinforcement learning for robotic vision and attention system, and biological brain mechanism studies.

In 2019, I started working at Exawizards as an AI Engineer. I am engaged in deploying deep learning technology on edge devices to solve real-life problems.

What do you want to achieve by utilizing deep learning?

I came to Japan in 2004 to do research on neural network at the University of Fukui. Even though that research did not attract that much attention, it was quite an interesting topic to explore. A neural network is a set of algorithms, modeled loosely after the human brain, that are designed to recognize patterns. Nowadays, neural networks is one of the algorithms that constitute deep learning and is also applied to various industries.

Ever since deep learning started to gain more attention around 2008, computer vision has made significant progress. Now, computers are able to recognize an image even better than humans do. Reflecting this technological change, people are concerned about AI taking away their jobs. What we need to do, however, is to think more about the potential of this new technology. This is exactly what ExaWizards is striving to do, by utilizing AI to better people’s lives.

AI is one of the promising technologies that is driving the next industrial revolution. I am passionate about changing the society by utilizing this new technology. Especially because today’s computer vision technology is not applied to daily life and industries very much. Now is the time for AI to change people’s lives.

Pride in pursuing the creation of “a happy society”

Why did you join ExaWizards?

ExaWizards has a clear goal, which is mainly why I decided to work at ExaWizards. Also, we are able to choose what project we want to join and which office to work at. I enjoy this flexibility a lot.

While working at Matsuo Lab, I felt that I should be engaged in changing the society with AI. Therefore, I was attracted to ExaWizard’s mission, which is “ExaWizards solves social issues using AI and creates a happy society”. This mission has a clear goal that tells us about how to change the society by using this new technology. No other startups that I know of have this sort of mission. On top of that, the mission is close to my own goal, so I felt that I truly wanted to work at this company.

What do you do at ExaWizards?

Since I specialize in image processing, I am currently developing an image processing system for edge devices. Just after joining ExaWizards, I was assigned to a project for developing a real-time face-identification system on edge devices for security cameras. After that, I was also engaged in developing real-time image recognition on edge devices, which was for the Indian and Middle Eastern market.

The system for edge devices makes data processing faster and more efficient. This is because edge computing system enables real-time data processing, without using something like data center or cloud. These edge computing systems contribute to real-time security measure such as traffic safety and crime prevention, which contributes to protecting people’s safety.

What is your impression of ExaWizards?

ExaWizards is a company that has the ability to quickly and flexibly keep up with the constantly changing market needs. The multiple business domains are the key to this flexibility. Each business domain is like a small startup. And even though we all have different specialities, we actively share our knowledge and experience across domains which then ultimately leads to integrating AI into solving social issues.

All the employees are very proud of their job, which makes the company even more attractive. People here are very much into what they want to achieve rather than just passively obtaining money. I do think this is a great culture and something that we should be extremely proud of. Through utilizing a variety of talents, we are tackling the social issues daily. As we highly respect others, my colleagues are very friendly to me, even with our cultural differences.

Could you give a short message to our possible candidates?

I would like to be engaged in state-of-the-art technology, especially in a real-time computer vision system. When you are implementing the latest technology, it is necessary to believe the possibility of the technology and to be proud of your own work. Doing a project with a passive attitude is never enough. What we need to do is to have a bird’s-eye view of the impact of your work towards the society. I have always wanted to work with coworkers who are passionate about changing the society for the better. The members of ExaWizards have a strong passion for it. When you join ExaWizards, we will solve social issues together, which is hard no doubt, but highly highly satisfying.

We are hiring ML engineers! Feel free to contact us from the link below.

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