4 Things Every Recruiter Should Know About Social Recruiting

According to Forbes, around 40 million people change jobs per year, in the US alone.

And some smart people have though of using internet social networks to making these matching efforts easier.

This is called "Social Recruiting."

Social Recruiting's made of 2 parts:

1. Use of Social Graphs to Get to Know Candidates

Many people now use their social graphs (personal relations on the internet) to analyze their own interests and skills.

Companies are doing the same.
They're now making decisions about candidates based on candidates' SNS social graphs.

SNS also provides an easy way to get in contact with the candidates once the companies are interested.

2. Use of Social Graphs to Spread and Find Jobs

Recruiters can ask friends on their social networks to help spread job postings.

This is effective, because people who belong to communities close to you are more likely to have similar interests, skills, and visions for work as you.

That means that there's a higher chance of a good match if a friend's friend applies to your job posting, rather than a complete stranger.

On the other hand, non-recruiters on the internet can get a wider range of information about jobs through SNS.

Before the internet, you were less likely to find a job more interesting than your own, so many of us were stuck with working at a less fulfilling workspace.

Now, even if you have a job and are somewhat happy with it,
you never know if you'll see a project on Facebook that you're inclined to join.

3. The Definition of a "Good Match" Has Changed

Because the matching process has changed, the end goal has changed with it.

A good match is no longer expected to be made in one interview.

Since contacting the candidate is easier, recruiters can meet them multiple times and build a relationship with the candidate.

This allows both parties to get to know each other much better and make the right decision.

At Wantedly, a social recruiting platform, we've seen many cases where long term, casual matching processes lead to longer relationships after the match is made.

Today, a good match is not "made;" instead, it's "built.'

4. All in One Platform

Wantedly is an online service that squeezed all aspects and processes of social recruiting into one platform.

Job searchers and recruiters make the best out of all of their SNS accounts and manage the matching process all on a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Sign up for free from here. Enjoy!

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