How to Write a Job Posting and Reach People Who Actually Want to Work

Every team is looking for exciting and passionate new members.

And of course, every person in their own way is "exciting and passionate" about something.

Then why's it so hard for us to find the right people?

It's simple:

Job postings AREN'T written to attract.They're BORING!

The usual job posting

Here's something you've probably seen a billion times.

That's what a usual job posting looks like.

Suuuure, it may be straight-forward, simple, easy to read.

But here's the honest truth about that posting, from the candidates' perspective.
The company looks exactly like every other company on the website.

So why would I, an iOS engineer, choose to contact the company?
Here are the 3 reasons:

1) Because it pays better than my current job.
2) Or because I want the benefits.
3) Or maybe because the required skill set matches what I have.

But if it's the above factors that attracted me to the job,
what you'll find is that even if I join the team,

I don't care much for the job or the company themselves.

Honestly, if I could just take the pay and benefits, I might never even show up to work. That's how low my incentive is to work.

And if I find a different job that also matches my skills, I might as well choose that one, it wouldn't make a difference to me.

3 Elements of an Attractive Job Posting

On the other hand, what does an unique and effective job posting look like?

Here are the 3 elements that make it up:

1. A team picture

It's said that 55% of communication is visual.

So a good job posting isn't just words - it gives you visual information about the team you're going to work with.

Once the photo gets my imagination running about working with these people... I get interested. I get attracted.

2. Information about the core members of the team

Think about this situation:

You love your job, but you can't get along with anybody on your team and you hate your boss.

Hold on a sec... Do you really love your job?

For many people, "who you're working with" is one of the biggest factors of work.

A good job posting would tell you about the team member so that you know about them before meeting them, so that if you find out that they don't seem to fit working style, both parties can save time.

3. The 'why' of the job

What drives the founders and the rest of the company to go to work everyday?

What's their passion? What's their goal, their aim?

Those who are looking for a new workplace should know that
if they choose a company, then soon the company's goal will become their goal, too.

What's better than choosing a company whose goals and passions are close to your own personal ones?

Most job postings mention nothing about founders' deep aspirations, but they really should in order to attract the best candidates.

How to create such a job posting

At Wantedly, we provide an easy-to-fill-out template that lets you easily communicate the 3 elements to potential candidates.

So, if you're looking for jobs or just wondering what other companies are doing, every job posting on Wantedly will show you who's part of the team, and why they do what they do.

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