Wantedly People is Available Worldwide!

Today, Wantedly, Inc. is launching the international edition of the business card scanning app, “Wantedly People”! The app can be used in over 50 languages in 244 countries and regions.

About the International Edition of “Wantedly People”

As a made-in-Japan business SNS, Wantedly has already launched an office visiting app “Wantedly Visit” and a chatting service “Wantedly Chat”, in order to provide the active exchange of business workers. The app for scanning business cards, “Wantedly People”, was launched in Japan in November 2016, and within only two months the number of the scanned cards exceeded 4 millions, proving that the app has been successfully accelerating/expanding the valuable connections at the business encounters.

The global release of “Wantedly People” will facilitate the business workers worldwide who have struggled in the past to make sure that all the business cards are organized neatly, to instantly record every important encounter and capitalize all the connections they have made. We had been providing the test version from December 1st 2016 to answer a number of demands from outside of Japan. Following the positive outcomes from the test, today, we are officially launching the international edition.

The international edition can be used in both English and Chinese, in addition to over 50 languages in 244 countries and regions. Users can customize the language from the app’s setting based on the language used for the business card, approving the quality of scanning.

*By switching the smartphone's language setting, users can switch the language of "Wantedly Peopple" to either English or Chinese. For the android version, only English is supported.

What’s So Special About “Wantedly People”?

“Wantedly People” is a free app, which can read multiple business cards simultaneously with a smartphone camera, and immediately transfer the scanned information to data.

These are five distinctive characteristics of “Wantedly People”:

1. The artificial intelligence can analyze up to 10 business cards simultaneously, immediately transferring them into online data.

2. If the owner of the scanned business card is registered on Wantedly, then the profile and the contact information will be synchronized automatically.

3. Users can borrow and/or rent the data of the scanned business cards by acceesing a link address, which can be accessed for an only certain period of time to secure the privacy.

4. The already saved data in the CSV format can be imported to “Wantedly People”.

5. Once business cards are scanned, users can search with a person’s name, a company’s name, and a job position.

Download for iPhone:


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The Future with “Wantedly People”

“Wantedly People”, in order to become one of the infrastructures for workers worldwide, is developed and improved everyday. Although it has been about only twp months since the app’s first release, multiple functions have been added such as transferring the data from other business card scanning services, backing up the scanned data, adapting to multiple terminal units, the android version, and this time, the international edition. Through “Wantedly People”, we will actualize the world where more business opportunities will start at the time when people exchange their business cards.

【If you want to know more about “Wantedly People”, you can reach us from below!】

Wantedly, Inc.

E-MAIL: pr@wantedly.com

WEB: https://www.wantedly.com

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